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How We Print

We value customer service and are always happy to discuss projects with new and existing clients.
We do the printing, Unlike many online T Shirt printing services we actually get our hands dirty.
We don’t cut corners, There are many ways to print a t shirt and not all provide the same results. We give you the benefit of our expertise, to ensure you get the best print service.


Vinyl Printing

Vinyl comes in multiple colours, textures, and patterns and can be applied to dark or light garments. Vinyl printing offers a low cost solution for low quantity orders of dark or light coloured garments. The process involves digitally tracing your design on our software and running it through a vinyl cutter before pressing your design to your garment. This process does limit the type of artwork that can be used.


Screen Printing

We use screen printing for large quantities. There are two different inks that can be used to screen print each with their own advantages and disadvantages.


Plastisol is an oil based ink made for printing designs on to t-shirts. This is most commonly used ink in screen printing because it is durable! This option however is not as soft to the touch on the garment as waterbased ink would be.


​Water Based inks are most commonly used for printing onto T-shirts, Babies Clothing, Paper, Canvases and Canvas bags. We would not recommend they are used on Polyesters, Acrylics and Nylon Fabrics. One of the most favourable advantages is the soft to the touch print.



The embroidery process begins with a piece of artwork that has to be digitised. This is the speciallised process of converting two dimensional artwork into stitches. The digitiser has to recreate the artwork using special software that assists in accurately converting the artwork into stitches that the machine can read.


Want to know which process is right for you? Get in touch!


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